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The Final Day: 21 Days of Best Behavior

It’s DAY 21 of “21 Days of Best Behavior!” Thanks to everyone for joining us by reading/commenting/sharing/and yelling at us on the street to keep it up. It might seem odd that we exposed ourselves and our “club rules” in such a way (revealing what’s behind the curtain…if you will) – especially because the advertising world can be very competitive. But we believe in a community of collaboration. Knoxville is a town that likes to see people succeed, even if that person could be considered a competitor. We support each other through advice, connections, and sometimes even sharing secrets of the trade.

The result of this adventure was more than new followers, fans, and friends. The result was what each of us learned, individually. We learned to really look inward to discover what’s important to us, like the importance of a “mobile-first” culture and the never ending fight for transparency. We learned that we can accomplish way more than we ever thought we could in such a small amount of time. We learned that we love our company, our clients, our peers, and this city; we learned that everyone should always be on their Best Behavior.

And don’t worry! We’ll continue to post original blogs, videos, and podcasts as we move forward. We’ve got some tricks up our sleeve but we’d also like to hear from you. What would you like us to talk about next, or who would you like to hear from on our podcast? Email us. Message us. Send a carrier pigeon. Like, follow, and SHARE us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. AND sign up for our email newsletter so you’ll be the first to know when we publish exclusive content.


The Recap: A billion words, videos, podcasts, graphics, and social mediassssssss.

Week 1: Club Rule #1: Don’t be an a**hole.
We highlighted one of our favorite clients, Fulghum MacIndoe Engineering, and their unorthodox approach to core values. Chris McAdoo gave the video lowdown on what it means to not be an a**hole. We kicked off our brand new podcast series, Enjoyable Listen Time, with photographer and world traveller, Bill Foster, and we ended the week “Getting Personal” with our creative director, Courtney Hendricks

Week 2: Club Rule #2: No Pleated Pants
Chris talked meerkats and no pleated pants. We debuted our “GEAR OUT” video feature with photographer and all around nice guy, Shawn Poynter. Ep. 2 of Enjoyable Listen Time brought us insights from the Dale and Shawn from the Central Collective, and we talked art, design, and the McAdoo family on Pecha Kucha Friday.

Week 3: Club Rule #3: Keep Your Act Together
Keeping your act together is all about working smarter AND harder, with some business tips and a look at our tools of the trade. Wednesday brought us “Internet is Hard: Website Edition,“where we encourage three big questions before you dig into a project: WHO, WHAT and HOW MUCH? Enjoyable Listen Time Ep. 3 got down to the business of entrepreneurship with Shawn Carson of Three Roots Capital and UT Research Foundation. And our content specialist, Dana Nies, brought it all home with the importance of a flexible schedule.

Week 4: Club Rule #4: Expose Yourself
Our final lap around the track taught us all about the Three Levels of Exposure: mutual, ambitious, and one-sided. The kids took over for video Wednesday with the “Adventures of the Not So Adventurous Herman Biffle.” Enjoyable Listen Time Ep. 4 was an amazing interview with man about town and “Knoxville Urban Guy,” Alan Sims. Finally, our interactive design director, George Middlebrooks, lays out the benefits of a truly collaborative environment.

And of course, each week brought brand new graphics and screen savers!

Download ’em here and make all the computers around you jealous:
Club Rule #1: Don’t be an a**hole.
Club Rule #2: No Pleated Pants
Club Rule #3: Keep Your Act Together
Club Rule #4: Expose Yourself

 If you enjoyed what you’ve been hearing, reading, and watching…OR have a suggestion for a subject or know someone we should interview, please let us know! In the meantime, while you’re internetting, hit Best Behavior up on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and share with all your friends and neighbors!

Enjoyable Listen Time with Alan Sims

In this week’s Enjoyable Listen Time podcast, we chat with writer/blogger/ex-librarian and all around good dude, Alan Sims. Learn how this self-professed introvert exposed himself to new opportunities, hard work and uncomfortable places to become the “Knoxville Urban Guy.”

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Week 4: Kids Take Over Edition

For this week’s video on Rule #4 – Expose Yourself, we engaged Chris McAdoo’s son, Carter, and his friend Farrell Scott (ages 15 and 16 respectively). Chris tasked them with creating a film about someone exposing himself to new things and getting out of his comfort zone. Here’s what they came up with…

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Working Smarter AND Harder

We know for our work to be at its best, we need to be at our best, and having a healthy work/life balance is key. With the freedom that our “mobile first” office allows, personal accountability, steady productivity, and open communication are essential to keeping our office running smoothly and drama free (a.k.a. keeping our act together).

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