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Enjoyable Listen Time episode 10: David Butler

David Butler has been at the helm of the Knoxville Museum of Art since 2006, and has watched the art world change dramatically. We talk about the journey that brought him to Knoxville, what he’s seen along the way, and what he sees for the future of the visual arts. We also dig deep into what makes art approachable (… such as free admission to museums!), what makes it unapproachable , and the kind of lasting impact the arts can have on an individual and a community. We also dig into the capital “C” of Culture and the ever changing meaning of what art is in the first place… and what a “first slide” experience can be for you…

Who and what do we talk about? We talk about everybody. Richard Jolley, Tommie Rush, Andrew Saftel, Robin Surber, Denise Stewart-Sanabria, Beauford Delaney, Joseph Delaney, Lloyd Branson, Catherine Wiley, the “Knoxville Seven”…and more.

The Enjoyable Listen Time podcast is hosted by Chris McAdoo and recorded/produced by George Middlebrooks.
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