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Enjoyable Listen Time with Erin Donovan…Part 2!

Part 2 of our conversation with Erin Donovan of Visit Knoxville!

The Enjoyable Listen Time podcast is hosted by Chris McAdoo and recorded/produced by George Middlebrooks.
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Enjoyable Listen Time with Alan Sims

In this week’s Enjoyable Listen Time podcast, we chat with writer/blogger/ex-librarian and all around good dude, Alan Sims. Learn how this self-professed introvert exposed himself to new opportunities, hard work and uncomfortable places to become the “Knoxville Urban Guy.”

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Week 4: Kids Take Over Edition

For this week’s video on Rule #4 – Expose Yourself, we engaged Chris McAdoo’s son, Carter, and his friend Farrell Scott (ages 15 and 16 respectively). Chris tasked them with creating a film about someone exposing himself to new things and getting out of his comfort zone. Here’s what they came up with…

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