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Enjoyable Listen Time episode 2 – Central Collective

On this week’s Enjoyable Listen Time, we’re talking with Dale Mackey and Shawn Poynter, creators of The Central Collective. Tune in to hear more about fried pies, national photography and good sports and learn how their good cop/bad cop dynamic (and their shunning of pleated pants), resulted in a fun, creative space for our community.

“It just feels good to be around people who are nice.”

Show notes:

  • 1:30 – History of Dale
  • 2:46 – Adult-sized lemonade stand
  • 3:23 – Shout out to Martha Boggs at Bistro
  • 3:59 – dalesfriedpies.com
  • 5:08 – History of Shawn
  • 5:57 – Speaking of pet boudoire
  • 6:02 – New York Times, Washington Post, WSJ
  • 6:51 – shawnpoynter.com
  • 7:44 – No Pleated Pants
  • 8:12 – Literal description of The Central Collective
  • 9:56 – History of Central Collective
  • 11:59 – Good Sport Night
  • 13:02 – Next month’s Good Sport Night spoiler
  • 13:47 – Not everyone sees the potential
  • 14:30 – How to make a turd into a turd diamond
  • 15:35 – Ignorance can really be great
  • 17:53 – There is no substitute for just doing the thing
  • 18:14 – Pulling the trigger on Central Collective
  • 20:54 – Things that went wrong
  • 23:29 – Extreme team building
  • 24:20 – Central Collective events/highlights
  • 27:12 the “third space”
  • 29:38 Diversity thrives at Central Collective
  • 32:22 What’s next?

The Enjoyable Listen Time podcast is hosted by Chris McAdoo and recorded/produced by George Middlebrooks.


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