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Enjoyable Listen Time ep.3 with Shawn Carson

On this week’s Enjoyable Listen Time, we talk with Shawn Carson of Three Roots Capital and the University of TN Research Foundation. Hear how important it is to Keep Your Act Together as an entrepreneur in East Tennessee on the hunt for the right idea, the right funding, and the right customer.

“We’re developing our own entrepreneurial culture that looks like and smells like Knoxville. And that’s a good thing.”

Show notes:

We talk about a lot of people and organizations that you should check out, including:
Three Roots Capital (clients and friends): Fueling sustainable business growth by providing capital, connections, and expertise.
UT Research Foundation: UTRF promotes the commercialization of UT intellectual property and encourages an entrepreneurial culture.
Knoxville Entrepreneur Center: A business accelerator and great resource for anyone looking to start or grow a business in Knoxville, TN.
Lynda.com: A great source for online “how-to” courses for business, software, design, and everything in between.
Chase Jarvis: Photographer, entrepreneur, and podcast host. A Best Behavior favorite and we’re going to keep mentioning him until he says hello or tells us to stop. We talk a little about one of his philosophies, the “5-9” hustle in the podcast. Good stuff.
Creative Live: Online classes, articles, and videos from the world’s experts on juuuuust about all the things.

:41 Recap of past weeks’ rules
1:40 History of Shawn
4:43 How has our community come to accept entrepreneurship as a “thing?”
7:09 What’s the difference between entrepreneurship in East TN vs anywhere else?
9:00 There’s more startup capital than there’s ever been but how do you access it?
10:20 The culture in Knoxville, TN is developing and it’s ok to take risks now.
10:57 The power of community
13:38 There is value in deliverables
15:20 Keep your act together.
16:28 Core ideology and understanding YOUR customers.
18:17 Start with customer experience and work back from there.
23:22 All about the UTK Research Foundation
24:25 What is a business model?
26:12 Lets talk RISK!
36:46 Managing expectations.
43:30 What’s your value proposition?
49:43 Focus. Focus. Focus.

The Enjoyable Listen Time podcast is hosted by Chris McAdoo and recorded/produced by George Middlebrooks

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