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I’ve got a Tiger by the Tail

Rule 2: No pleated pants.
Albert Einstein once said “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” We’ve been known to break into song during a brainstorming session — not sure if that is our intelligence having fun, or us just goofing off. But, we do know if we take ourselves too seriously, the work suffers, and that’s not good for anyone. So we continue to be weird, stay original and have a blast. No pleated pants allowed!

“I’ve got a tiger by the tail it’s plain to see
I won’t be much when you get through with me
Well I’m losin’ weight and turnin’ mighty pale
looks like I’ve got a tiger by the tail”

Thank you, country legend Buck Owens (RIP), for summing up very clearly how I feel about inspiration. Also, I love country music, but that’s a story for another day. Real inspiration can get messy (especially with jungle cats) but that’s when you get the best stuff. We may be in a brainstorming session with ourselves and/or with a client and it takes an afternoon of s****y ideas to build up to the best one. Or we may hit it outta the park in ten minutes and be on our way to celebrate hoisted on the client’s shoulders (this particular scenario hasn’t happened yet, but I’ll let you know when it does). Real creativity doesn’t just come from a set of instructions – and real forward thinking doesn’t come from looking back. That’s why we work really hard to stay a little weird – and don’t take ourselves too seriously. There are too many awful stories of “creatives” (excuse me while I adjust my black-rimmed glasses) arguing, ignoring, or just being downright rude with clients and we don’t want to add to that particular choose your own adventure book. We would rather ask the “dumb” questions and seem a little goofy than stay in the dark.

On set and in action: Click to see our 2016 Beastie Boys inspired Christmas video.

Lemme get serious for a second (don’t worry – it won’t take long). Where do you find your best work? Your best life? Your best experiences? It’s not in the sanded off edges, it’s not in the chance that doesn’t get taken, and by and large it’s not something that gets planned. We don’t want the edges sanded off, and we don’t want to end up in what author Jonathan Fields calls the “unfortunate middle” In his recent “Good Life Project” podcast, he breaks down the “way it’s always been” into what it really means: barely surviving. Money, stress, complexity, and time are not our friends in the space between “simple grace and sustainable complexity.” The “safe” space in the middle isn’t the goal, but a place to travel through to get to your real goals (the goals are up to you to figure out, btw).

You can practice, practice, practice like Kobe, but in the end, it’s high level execution that matters.

So our goals are to work with people we like, and the people we like tend to respond well to our brand of inspiration. People ask us all the time about our home page (currently a video of a meerkat) and why we would do something so “weird”. Lemme tell ya: it’s a great gauge for potential clients. If someone doesn’t like our little meerkat buddy, then there’s a 150% chance that they will not enjoy working with us and won’t benefit from our company culture. Now all of this is not to say that we don’t take our CRAFT very seriously. You can practice, practice, practice like Kobe, but in the end, it’s high level execution that matters. Our execution, if it’s a brand, a campaign, or a website, is informed every day by a serious dedication to craft and the knowledge that inspiration may take many forms, and we’re out there hunting for it.

So stay weird, stay creative, and have a little fun. We’ll be right there with you.

Chris McAdoo
Founder, Club President

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