Enjoyable Internet Time With Best Behavior

Enjoyable Listen Time: Photographer Bill Foster

Bill Foster, photographer of the famous and “mildly well-known,” talks with Chris McAdoo and George Middlebrooks about dodging chairs in the US Navy, shooting celebrities on stage, and fighting iPads at Bonnaroo. Bill discusses the importance of learning to accept criticism, be objective and not be an a**hole.

“In any artistic field, what you’re doing IS you.” – Bill Foster


1:58 – Don’t be an a**hole.
5:12 – “Treat people well and you’ll be treated well.”
9:05 – Steve Jobs saved us all and ruined everything.
10:45 – Let’s talk about objective criticism.
13:55 – I didn’t “decide” to become a photographer.
16:21 – Pushing buttons is the least of it.
21:15 – Photo pits at big music festivals – no a**holes.
25:58 – … “Inherit a lot of money”
26:15 – Just do it. Don’t waste your money and time on fancy stuff.
29:00 – How to build the room from Dr. Strangelove
31:00 – If you think everyone around you is an a**hole, you may be in for a surprise.

When Bill’s not busy photographing rock stars, he’s in Knoxville, Tennessee, producing original work and commercial photography. Find him on the internets at billfosterphotos.com, on Instagram, and on Facebook.

21 Days of Best Behavior

My old science textbook from middle school says that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit, and we wanna develop the habit of writing, sharing and getting original content out there every day. So… we’ll be writing a blog post, making a video, or maybe even sharing a podcast ERRYDAY for the next 30 days. Well, 21 business days if you wanna get technical.

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