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21 Days of Best Behavior

My old middle school science textbook says that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit, and we wanna develop the habit of writing, sharing and getting original content out there every day that positively effects your day, your work, or your cell block. So… we’ll either be writing a blog post, making a video, or maybe even sharing a podcast ERRYDAY for the next 21 days. Well, 21 business days if you wanna get technical.

It’s easy to say things like “integrity” and “we don’t club baby seals,” etc., but it’s another thing to live by those values on a daily basis.


As a branding-focused agency, we spend a lot of time with organizations digging into the blood and guts of what makes them tick, learning about their goals, their business, and their people… and how to define it all. It ain’t easy, but it’s our job to ask tough questions so we can get real answers and learn A TON from people like our friends at Fulghum MacIndoe Engineering (FMA), who live and breathe core values like “Do what you say you’re going to do” and “Master Your Craft”. FMA expects the best out of their people and empowers them to interact with clients, expand their knowledge, and make decisions so that they can actually take ownership of their work. What a concept, right?

Fulghum MacIndoe website

It’s easy to say things like “integrity” and “we don’t club baby seals,” etc., but it’s another thing to live by those values on a daily basis. For the next 21 days, we’re focusing on Best Behavior’s core values or “Club Rules,” and how they relate to our business, your business and the community we all serve. Special guests, collaborators, and fellow trouble makers will be in abundance over the coming weeks and we hope that, as the kids say, you pick up on what we are laying down. We wanna talk to the people that are making things, and making things happen.

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Rock, roll, etc.
Chris McAdoo
Founder, Club President


Rule 1: Don’t be an a**hole. (February 28th)
Let’s face it, in order to succeed in this industry, confidence is a MUST. We all have egos – usually fragile egos – and those egos can turn into monsters. Which is why our number one rule is “Don’t Be an A**hole.” We demand from ourselves open-mindedness, flexibility, and adaptability. But, above all else, we strive to treat others well.

Rule 2: No pleated pants. (March 7th)
Albert Einstein once said “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” We’ve been known to break into song during a brainstorming session — not sure if that is our intelligence having fun, or us just goofing off. But, we do know if we take ourselves too seriously, the work suffers, and that’s not good for anyone. So we continue to be weird, stay original and have a blast. No pleated pants allowed!

Rule 3: Keep your act together. (March 14th)
We know for our work to be at its best, we need to be at our best, and having a healthy work/life balance is key. With the freedom that our “mobile first” office allows, personal accountability, steady productivity, and open communication are essential to keeping our office running smoothly and drama free (a.k.a. keeping our sh*t together).

Rule 4: Expose yourself. (March 21st)
At Best Behavior, we keep all our cards out on the table. No secrets. We believe in total transparency with each other and with our clients. An open dialog with lots of listening is key to doing great, collaborative work. We continually expose ourselves to creative inspiration, new ideas, and different points of view. We are what you see.