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Enjoyable Listen Time with Erin Donovan

Episode #5 of our all new podcast, Enjoyable Listen Time, brings us part 1 of an AMAZING conversation with Erin Donovan, best known for her stint at WBIR as “Darin’ Erin” and now one of Knoxville’s brightest stars ambassadors for our scruffy city through her work with Visit Knoxville. We go back to her roots in New England and find out where she got her start with TV journalism and recall many frantic phone calls, satellite trucks in lightning storms, and hard work that created a lot of opportunities. Also, there is a kangaroo fight.

The Enjoyable Listen Time podcast is hosted by Chris McAdoo and recorded/produced by George Middlebrooks.
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Enjoyable Listen Time with Alan Sims

In this week’s Enjoyable Listen Time podcast, we chat with writer/blogger/ex-librarian and all around good dude, Alan Sims. Learn how this self-professed introvert exposed himself to new opportunities, hard work and uncomfortable places to become the “Knoxville Urban Guy.”

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