Day 3 of 21 Days of Best Behavior

So far this week you’ve been reading what we have to say, and now you get to see and hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Watch our very first 21 Days of Best Behavior video where our fearless leader, Chris McAdoo, explains what we’re doing for 21 days and why we’re doing it.

Intro: Club Rules
Chris expounds on our Club Rules and how we incorporate them into our daily routines to create a fun, creative and positive atmosphere.

2:27 Share Your Voice
Find out why we feel it’s important to figure out who you are and why you need to get your voice out there.

3:37 21 Days to Develop a Habit
Our goal is to create a habit of positivity that will benefit us as a company, and hopefully, our followers as well. (Is “21 Days” really a thing?)

 4:58 “Embrace the Suck”
How to make the best of any situation and why it’s important you do so. (This is not in the video but Ex Navy Seal Jocko Willink is the ultimate master of “embracing the suck”)

Really get to the bottom of “what checks you CAN cash.”

5:37 Don’t Oversell
Figure out what you can do and what you want to do, and focus on the value those bring to clients and the community.

 6:57 Heavy Trophies
Chris juggles heavy awards and gives a quick Knoxville Advertising Federation “Addy” recap.

8:15 What’s Next
Our FIRST PODCAST, Enjoyable Listen Time with photographer Bill Foster airs tomorrow!