Enjoyable Listen Time with Alan Sims

“I was going to be the next Bob Dylan. And the unfortunate thing that happened there, was the old Bob Dylan never stopped being Bob Dylan. So that position never came open.”

In this week’s Enjoyable Listen Time podcast, we chat with writer/blogger/ex-librarian and all around good dude, Alan Sims. Learn how this self-professed introvert exposed himself to new opportunities, hard work and uncomfortable places to become the “Knoxville Urban Guy.” Alan’s blog, Inside of Knoxville, has grown from a side project to a full-time gig with 80,000 visitors a month AND he’s hosting “KnoxCentric”, a weekly radio show on WUTK Radio.

1:08 – Expose Yourself
2:07 – History of Alan
5:39 – Alan writes
7:59 – Creative compulsion
10:35 – Handwork and focus
11:40 – Inside of Inside of Knoxville
17:44 – Making Inside of Knoxville a living
20:21 – The importance of good photography
23:59 – You can do it!
27:20 – Learning from millennials
29:29 – Outside his comfort zone
32:21 – The hustle of millennials
36:07 – Helping others succeed makes your life better
40:45 – Knoxcentric
41:24 – What’s next for Alan
42:50 – Have the courage to fail

The Enjoyable Listen Time podcast is hosted by Chris McAdoo and recorded/produced by George Middlebrooks.
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